What in the world is Pickleball?

Pickleball began with the summertime whine of “I’m bored”!

 The bored children of two families on Bainbridge Island in Washington State inspired the two fathers (Bill Bell and Joel Pritchard) to invent a game. They first thought they would just play badminton on the asphalt badminton court in Pritchard’s backyard to alleviate the boredom. But no one could find the shuttlecocks. The dads substituted a wiffle-type ball but the kids found it too difficult to hit the 3 inch ball with the lightweight badminton rackets. The dads then made wooden rackets that resembled ping pong paddles. Rules for the new ‘badminton’ game evolved as the afternoon went along. It is played much like tennis, but the court is smaller and the net is lower.

 But ‘Pickleball’? Who’s ever heard of such a name for a game? As the families continued to play their new game, the one big problem was the Pritchard’s cocker spaniel who invented his own new game – – grab the ball and hide in the bushes! With the continual yelling of “Pickles, bring that ball back here right now” it’s easy to see where the name came from!
There is much more information to be had on Pickleball, but the important thing is that it is truly a game for all ages. My dad is 77; my mother is 74 and they have inspired me to include this in the newsletter. As they will be traveling to Frisco when the little girls arrive, they are looking for others in our community who are playing Pickleball! (Personally, I doubt there will be much time for any games!) But, just in case they can get away for an hour or so, let me know if you are a Pickleball player!

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