Two Homes Ready for You to Buy!

I recently learned that a good friend of mine and a Frisco staple is on the move.  With that comes an unbelievable home for sale.  A home that was completely restored years ago and is a landmark of Frisco’s past.  Just South of downtown Frisco, you can walk to Randy’s Steakhouse.  Hate to see folks move out of my little small town, but glad to have the positive impact they made in this community.  The 2nd home might be a problem for many of you- it is across the street from me.  This is the 2nd time that an investor bought this home out of auction- put a renter in it and then let it go into foreclose.  Thanks for the value help Mr. Investor, jerk.  Be awesome to have a family actually buy and “live” in this home for a change.

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