SHHHHHHHHH…..Perhaps we should not mention this to Julie!

Many of you are probably familiar with the Leadership Frisco program which is sponsored by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. I am a graduate of the 10th Leadership Frisco class and have just been asked to serve on the Leadership Frisco Advisory Council. Julie has extracted a promise from me that I will absolutely not become involved with anything else that takes me away from home in the evening……but the Advisory Council meets for lunch! The Council shapes the foundation of the Leadership class and is responsible for establishing the calendar and curriculum, working with feedback from previous years to revamp any areas of the program that might be necessary. One of the goals of the program is for the graduates to become more aware of how our city government operates and encourage them to become more involved with all aspects of our city. One of my classmates is now serving on the Frisco City Council; several classmates have joined Frisco city boards which meet their skill sets.
For any who are not aware of the program and its goals, it is an intensive 9 month program whose purpose is to increase the participant’s awareness of everything happening in Frisco. Those who are accepted in the class are required to attend class meetings one full Friday each month. Classes include visits to all areas of Frisco including City Hall, social service agencies, the Courthouse, etc. Last year’s class was also able to tour the Dallas Cowboy’s facility.
Should you be interested in applying for the Leadership Frisco program, the application deadline is June 19th. Requirements include residency in Frisco – either residing or working – for at least 2 years. There is a cost for the program but from what I hear about other cities, it is a bargain price! For instance, I have heard that there is a long waiting list in Chicago and, when you are finally accepted, the cost is $16,000! I wonder if that is really true?

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