Did you find a safe place to be during the recent storm?

The boys and I had our first experience of going to the safest place in our home – an inside closet – when the sirens sounded. I hope you remembered to take your cell phones, billfolds and/or purses with all your credit cards and ID, perhaps a bottle of water and a package of cookies! Oh, and shoes. Should the storm develop into a real problem for you, that would involve lots of broken glass. Since I was raised in Kansas, I have considerable knowledge of tornadoes and have spent lots of time in the basement! We were fortunate this time and I hope you were, also.
It was the aftermath of the storm that made me think of a new product that would be useful for city employees. As the police and city workers are driving around searching for damage, I think it would be useful if they had some kind of a GPS laser tool. With such a tool they could pinpoint downed power lines, trees, etc. by simply pointing at the object. My new tool would instantly send the location of the problem to the city office where it could be mapped. Crews could then be assigned to various parts of the city for repair and/or cleanup. Not only would they be aware of problems instantly, they could also deal with the worst problems first.  I think I should patent this idea quickly!

What about you? What inventions and ideas are floating around in your mind?

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