Trip to Houston

I traveled to Houston recently to interview new lenders. I find it is always good to meet new lenders face to face to evaluate their level of competence and ethics before I sign up with them.  It was a successful trip and certainly worth my time. There are some great lenders out there.  Driving in Houston is a challenging experience. Houstonians drive with the feeling that they will never see you again and they care not for you or your safety! They swerve in and out of lanes with abandon and it makes no difference to them where YOU might be! It has made me much more appreciative of Frisco drivers.
The one thing that saved me on my trip was the gift Julie and the boys bought me for my birthday: a Garmin GPS unit. I am logistically challenged (good that I never wanted to become a navigator). It was never a problem when Julie and I lived in Denver since I always knew where I was in relation to the mountains.  The GPS is one of those inventions that, once you have one, you have no idea how you lived without it. I arrived at all of my meetings on time and even located the Red Robin restaurant….a place Julie and I have always enjoyed. Without the GPS I would have missed a great lunch.

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