The next ‘can’t live without’ invention is my new iPhone. Julie watched me struggling with my old Treo and encouraged me to look into upgrades from AT&T.  Others have encouraged me to get an iPhone but I always felt that my Treo was adequate. How wrong I was!  The iPhone gives me the ability to do many things that I could never do with the Treo.  For instance, I am able to enlarge anything on the screen to a readable level. This means I can work from anywhere I may be…..stuck in traffic, between meetings, etc. It is a huge timesaver and something I cannot imagine being without now.   Problem is my 5 year old, from watching me, has learned my password to log in and loves to play the games I have loaded for him.  Boy genius, no- but resourceful young man- all the way!  So, do you have a favorite iPhone app I should look to download, one I “can’t” live without?

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